Effective laser penetration treatment for hair loss

Urban stress, menopause, after giving birth, genetics; all contributing factors to hair loss.

Hair Divine Medical Group uses the latest Laser treatment technology (Certified by FDA in the United States) to radiate the hair root, minimizing DHT and improving scalp conditions bringing hair back to life.

Oil care

How does the scalp become oily?

The sebum contains acid, that provide “sour cortex” for the skin to eliminate bacteria on the scalp. It also lubricates the hair and skin; it is essential for a healthy scalp.
However, we should be cautious if it is over secreted. Under the microscope, the line of sebum is like a string of small grapes full of oil. It delivers the oil to the hair follicles or the skin. Once the scalp becomes oily, It may lead to bacterial infection and propagation, and finally causes the follicle to die.



Deep Hydro Care

Direct exposure to UV sunlight for prolonged periods require frequent use of hair supplements that contain chemicals, potentially damaging the epidermis and hair cortex, which lead to the dehydration of hair surface, and it will damage the hair tissue when it dries out.

Hair will turn withered, yellow and brittle, meaning the life of the hair is threatened. Malnutrition plus the damage to the hair tissue, will lead to dehydration of the hair and protein loss. Maintaining Deep Hydro hair care regularly can restore the vitality of the hair.

Hair loss prevention

Upon entering middle age, hair loss can begin for both men and women generally, with multiple contributing factors.

Our company specializes in all around hair loss prevention and care service.

We will set up a customized treatment for each client, addressing the different factors, which effectively prevent hair loss, stimulate hair growth, strengthen hair roots and provide necessary nutrients to the hair.

Scalp allergy treatment

Scalp allergy is a "scalp inflammation" phenomenon. Inflammation of the scalp not only will create dandruff, but also can become itchy, oily, red, and hair roots may grow granulated cysts, which accompanied by pain.

Inflammation of the scalp caused by many reasons, such as seborrheic dermatitis, immune system disorders, Or due to external environmental impacts, such as excessive dye perm, will cause inflammation.



Stem cell treatment for hair growth

PPRP activation of stem cell therapy, is currently the world’s most eye-catching way of hair growth without side effects. Hair follicle itself has a number of stem cells, but without the activation function.

However, if we provide some secretions to the stem cells (such as: cell-activating factor) the scalp can absorb topically or by injection, it helping the hair follicle stem cell activation. There are successful treated clinical cases, subtle hair loss will need 6 to 12 months treatment.

Severe hair loss will take one year or more to restore the hair back to being bushy. Stem cell therapy can be also be applied to hair care, and just to treat hair loss or alopecia. It can improve the hair growth, as well as effectively prevent hair loss, and maintain hair follicles and hair.

Hair care for dry hair

Damaged hair surface causes the hair cuticles to peel off. Materials such as protein will drain off and a hollow state is formed.

This causes broken and split ends hair. The smoothen, nourishing treatment will help to restore the hair cuticle and make it smooth, and repair the hair medulla, bringing it back to life.

Head sore treatment

Pressure can lead to excessive secretion of scalp oils and fats, Naturally oily scalp or dirty hair follicles both will lead to hair oil blocking the pores.

And lead to bacterial infection, resulting in head sore, itchy scalp, bad odors and hair loss problems. Patients must join the anti-bacterial oil scalp treatment to solve this issue, Against oil imbalance, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, dissolves oil that blocks the pores, relieving the scalp.

Dandruff resolve treatment

Dandruff is formed from the surface of the scalp cuticle cell aging, If it appears in large numbers, there may be a bacterial infection.

Symptoms like red scars, a lot of shaped dandruff (such as granular or powder form). Dandruff can make ones life very embarrassing. Dandruff resolve treatment can helps you eliminate scalp bacteria and resolve red scars, helping you regain your confidence.




Deep Cleansing Care

Many scalp problems are caused by an unclean cortex. When hair follicles are blocked or microbes grow, deep cleansing can clean up the dirt accumlated on the scalp thoroughly While resupplying the protein to the hair.



TRF biological currents stimulate acupuncture points

Acupuncture point stimulation for hair care is a technique that uses the twelve standard meridians and eight extra meridians in the body.

Using bioelectricity is used to stimulate the acupuncture points on the head so that the liver and kidney functions can be adjusted, The uses of the governing vessel acupuncture points on the head soothe and relax the mind, reducing the pressure of the scalp, further enhancing the effectiveness of hair care.